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Hey Neighbour!

Tumbler Ridge is small - that's a given with a population of somewhere around 2200. So as an artist looking to expand I began by looking outside my town to find print providers who could produce quality printed products with paintings. I looked for Canadian companies, and as it turns there were only a few, and the options were ... limited. I was happy to find a few Canada/USA companies that linked to Etsy and who didn't charge a monthly fee since I was sure sales outside of my local Visitor Centre would be low.

See the truth is that people often buy the art of those they know or who's story they know and admire. So local is where my sales are at these days. And gosh! I love my local supporters.

Then I heard about Made It Gifts who was creating quite a stir in Tumbler Ridge. There was a local make to order printing business who creates the types of products I had been sourcing out of province? I had to set up a meeting. After a wonderful chat at Kinuseo Cafe, I started choosing out images and finalizing the designs for my new line of locally printed Tumblers. I was excited to support Tumbler Ridge Business and give our small town a boost.

I said Tumbler Ridge was small right? I can walk to work in 10-15 minutes, and walk around the whole town in less than 2 hours, what I didn't realize was that not only was my new printing partner local to Tumbler Ridge but local to my neighbourhood! When I got the message to pick up my new products the message read "I'm across the street".

So what better way to showcase our product than at the park on our block! Introducing Made It Gifts and my new wine tumblers now available for sale.

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