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All memberships are Free

Subscriber Only

If you have chosen to subscribe and have not joined as a member - you will receive emails about new blog posts or forum posts, and gallery previews but will not have access to view them. If you wish to be informed only when public pages are updated or for new public galleries, please go to the contact page and send a request for "public updates only" along with your email address.

Private Membership

By not choosing the "Join the Community" option, you have access to member only pages incluing advance viewing of new galleries, and the blog and forum pages. Private Members can view but not comment on blog and forum posts, and do not have a member profile card visible in the member area.  


Private members can manage settings, access their profile and change account details from the user panel at the top right corner of the site.

Community Membership

By clicking the "join the Community" box, you become a Community Member with full access to the site including advanced viewing of new galleries, AND the ability to join the conversation by commenting on the forum and add posts as well as commenting on the artist's blog. 

Community Members can access their profile and change account details from the user panel or by clicking your member card on the Community Member page (under the Blog & Forum menu header). 


On this page Community Members can view other members of the community, follow each other, see what other members have written and access their profile page. From the profile page, Community Members can see their own forum posts & comments, change their nickname, manage notifications, settings and account information, turn on or off subscriptions, and change their membership to private.

Information Privacy
Your nickname, profile picture, comments and likes are visible on the site and to other members. Your login information, name, and email are not visible. The artist receives your email and any contact information from your profile.
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