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Light Winter Nights

When I started watercolour painting in 2019, one of my first paintings was of an Aurora Borealis. Since then I've explored painting many dark winter night, from snow to star filled skies, and from Northern Lights to Milky Ways.

Five years later, and many many brushstrokes and lessons behind me, I am examining what I can accomplish about bringing light into my wintery nights.

Click on the paintings or titles below to take you to each project I am working on. As new paintings are completed they will be added, so come back regularly to see what's new!

Night Shines
Coloured Skies

Using transparent layering to create light by allowing the luminosity of the white paper to shine.

Stars and Swoops

An exploration of metallic, gemstone and mica based paints to add reflected light to watercolour painting.

Capturing Colour with Contrast

Highlighting  dramatic light through the use of contrasting opaque negative painting techniques.

Ethereal Nights

An experiment in the reactions of different paints and salts and their uses in adding light to sky scapes. 

salted sky.jpg
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