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Gel to the rescue!

Sunrise in Spring

Watercolour is almost alive; it moves, it interacts, it glows, it emotes. But it is also flat. No matter how many layers and techniques one uses to create texture, the page is flat and all third dimension has to be done through perspective - like a photo. Unless...

Unless you add gel. Recently I discovered aquapasto a gel like medium that mixes with watercolour and gives the effect of a thicker acrylic paint. The great thing is that this medium is translucent so the paper or under painting is visible through this thick layer. And just like that watercolour enters the world of 3 dimensional art. Nice.

Nice because, my whites now can lay over other colours and Pop instead of feeling flat. The gel gives a bit of shine to the paint as well adding another element of beauty. I find it still has that independent spirit - it doesn't always do what I expect and I have much to learn. So here is my second watercolour painting using my new 3D paint. Can you see it?

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