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Hope Springs

When the snow is almost melted away, the puddles gone, but I know in my heart that a few more flurries are bound to hit before may long weekend. And while the ground is still rock hard, the grass yellow, and I await the seeds of springs planting through mail order. I can still dream of crocuses in their tender beauty even if mine never come up. They come up in my mind, where hope springs.

Natures amazing strength and fragility are displayed when the warmth of the still soft sun melts just enough snow to allow these translucent flowers to push up and bloom declaring that “yes this can be overcome”. And I hold on to that in my heart, where hope springs.

Watercolour has the power to be translucent where layers show through to the one below, to be delicate yet allow for bursts of colour on an otherwise white canvas. I am still in search of the perfect rendition of a crocus, however the journey - like the seasons- is a progression worth celebrating. Because we all need hope to spring in us.

But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. Romans 8:25

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