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Near-Perfect Vision

In my last blog I posted that I was working on a picture of a bear. In my head I had a vision of how I saw this bear in paint and shared my struggle to achieve this.

At the end of my blog I showed the beginnings of that success - 6 snapshots of the progress of my third and successful attempt to achieve what I had envisioned.

Oh What a Feeling

Yesterday morning I completed the bear. I had to show it off and brought it to work to show it to a co-worker who had been following my attempts. After getting my morning routine done, I brought it to her office while getting my morning coffee. I was walking on air, buzzing with excitement and joy. This 11X14 accomplishment was better than any chocolate, coffee or any other mood enhancement. I suspect it is how one feels after accomplishing a marathon successfully - I was pumped.

I started this blog with the title "near-perfect" vision - there are always going to be things in a painting of mine that I can look at and say - we'll maybe I could have done this better... but this time, this time, they don't matter one iota. Cause the painting sold before I got back to my desk with my coffee. - yup you are looking at Vision Bear -11X14 Original Art - SOLD!

Tomorrow, Friday, I deliver him to his new owner. Oh What a feeling!

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