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New Series in Progress!

Celebration of Tumbler Ridge Photography & Wildlife.

When I first began to paint, I used tutorials or tried to imitate other's works. As my painting skill improved I tried to take on painting from photos that inspired me. As an expressive painter, I try to paint the emotions of a scene - I am captured by images taken that tell a story, that take me to the location, that make my imagination spark.

A few years ago I dove into painting landscapes of Tumbler Ridge, managed to successfully paint a few of the waterfalls using images from local photographers and some of my husbands, who is an avid hiker. Now that I have developed my style further, I have come back to my love of local scenes. But I am not an able hiker and so this series will celebrate Tumbler Ridge scenes and wildlife through my interpretation of local photographers works as well as a using photos from others who have captured local scenes or wildlife.

The first of that series was my painting of Vision Bear.

The second is now published entitled Wild Impressions, using an image of a Canadian Lynx taken by Brandon Broderick.

Click the image below to get to the new series launch page. Click the painting you want to view more of. But here is a sneak peak.

“Are you mean like a minx? Are you lean like a lynx?

― Cats Musical

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